MLS -- Mitani Landscape Studio, Inc.--


Name of companyMitani Landscape Studio, Inc.
Founded16 February 2009
C.E.O.Yasuhiko Mitani
AdministratorHiroko Mitani
ServiceLandscape design - Public Space
- Campus Plan [e.g. University]
- Cultural [e.g. Guest house]
- Commercial
- Residential [e.g. Common garden]
Project / Construction management
Urban planning / Urban design
Research and development
- landscape, sustainable technology and material
Private garden design
Interior garden / Roof garden
Art installation
Office Location3-10-20-1201 Sakae-Machi, Takarazuka City, Hyougo 665-0845, JAPAN
Nearest stationJR Fukuchiyama-Sen Takarazuka Station
Hankyu Imazu-Sen Takarazuka Station